OrbLeaf is an End-to-End integrated platform for development, deployment and execution of user specific application on different type of hardware platforms, ranging from programmable Smart Card and IoT Terminal which can be customized for different type of purposes. Imagine if you're running a service business and need a way to physicalized your service using a hardware but didn't want to involved with the hardware matter.

Cardinal Type-1 Terminal

Build any IoT application from concept to proof within hour

Cardinal Type-1 Terminal is an Orb-Weaver Enabled Terminal allowing execution of Orb-Weaver card application, it provide interfaces for Orb-Weaver card to interact with user and server while leave the control of transaction on the hand of card application, it also provide mechanism for installing card application onto Orb-Weaver card through secure channel mechanism, it acts as proxy between card application and each interacting entities enabling execution of different kind of card application within single terminal. It can also be used as standalone terminal (can be connected to different type of sensors or actuators), executing installed Orb-Weaver application either as default application or background task

Specifications :

  • 168Mhz core clock, 32 bit ARM microprocessor
  • 128KB RAM heap for user application/framework RAM (shared with operating system)
  • 32KB application/framework space
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 150Mbps
  • USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Bluetooth (GATT, RFCOMM, SPP, SDP)
  • advanced proprietary Operating System with multitasking support
  • Orb-Weaver enabled terminal (supporting Orb-Weaver card)
  • supporting ISO7816-3, T=0 and T=1
  • supporting Global Plaform v2.2 and secure channel
  • supporting ISO14443-A for contactless card (MIFARE 1K, 4K, UL)
  • supporting NFCIP-1 (ISO18092)
  • integrated virtual machine with automatic garbage collection and exception handling
  • cloud integration, auto-sync user application/framework
  • supporting SSLv3.0, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for secure layer, FIPS140 certified
  • integrated automaton for automated execution
  • integrated IO port, PWM and UART for external device communication
  • P2P communication with other terminal through NetBIOS
  • multi-screen orientation

Range of Application :

  • Portable Card Terminal (Contact-Contactless)
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Human Machine Interface/Control System



Using low-cost Cortex-M microprocessor instead of high-end Cortex-A


Enabling collaboration between hardware and service companies, new kind of business model possible


Application synchronized automatically with our apps-server, no-need to maintain each device manually


Configurable, change different type of hardware feature as plugging a PCI card


Each device has their own digital-shadow that you can manage remotely


faster development time with easy to learn programming language, better learning curve

Orb-Weaver Card

Physicalized a software or service in form of card that you can give it away

* current design is just illustration

Orb-Weaver card is a smart card which is equipped with virtual machine enabling execution (on-card execution) of user application in form of card application, the main idea of Orb-Weaver card is to enable seamless program execution between smart card and terminal through a specialized API protocol. Once application installed on card, it cannot be copied and stay resident on card waiting to be executed, the transaction protocol between card and terminal are controlled by the card application, therefore the application can be executed on any Orb-Weaver enabled terminal.

Specifications :

  • 30Mhz core clock, 16 bit microprocessor (each card may differ)
  • 1KB RAM heap for user application RAM (each card may differ, depending on resource available)
  • 64KB application space (each card may differ)
  • ISO7810 form factor
  • supporting ISO7816-3, T=0 and T=1
  • supporting Global Plaform v2.2 and secure channel
  • integrated virtual machine with automatic garbage collector and exception handling
  • multi-application execution
  • cloud integration, support multi-application installation
  • based on Orb-Weaver Card Operating System

Range of Application :

  • Configurable Multi-role Access Card
  • M2M Subscription Platform
  • 2FA Authenticator
  • Token Generator/Storage
  • Ticketing Services
  • APIs Card



Each card cost less than a dollar


Integration with terminal framework is possible, enabling collaboration with different type of APIs provider


Application are locked inside card and executed by card microprocessor, program execution cannot be traced without damaging the card


Attracts more customer by providing them with unsolicited card containing your service


Who need phone when your app/service already stored on card


Faster development time with easy to learn programming language, better learning curve

Organ Development Kit (ODK)

A unified development kit for programming any Orb-Weaver based devices

Using high level programming language based on Generic Purpose Language (GPL), developer could easily write card application without needed to understand the low-level of smart card (or terminal), cloud integration allowing application to be deployed almost instantly, eliminating the need to distribute Orb-Weaver card. The main idea of Organ Studio is to create a unified development environment for our Orb-Weaver based device, therefore migrating between each device could be done in seamless way.

Specifications :

  • cloud integration for application/framework deployment
  • integrated application/framework management panel (online repository)
  • integrated compiler, static-analyzer, debugger and simulator
  • high level programming language based on Generic Purpose Language (GPL)
  • cross platform (multi-target), interchangeable framework and APIs
  • free to download and use, start mixing and create harmony

Minimum Requirement :
  • Windows (dotNET v3.5) or Linux (Mono)
  • latest Visual C++ redistributable package for x86 architecture (Windows)
  • x86 compatible processor architecture
  • 32MB free RAM
  • 100MB free harddrive
  • reliable internet connection (for online repository)



Download now and start coding right away


Deploy and maintain your application right from where you sit


Test your application with simulator without having the actual device


Design your own custom GUI with GUI designer using view-controller paradigm


Manage your devices using a single platform


No need to understand the "jibber-jabber" of setuping your development environment, just download and it will setup the environment for you



A language that remove the word hard from hardware

output :

Orb-Script (can be referred as OS) is our scripting language for programming Orb-Weaver based device, it is a dynamic, weak, duck typing programming language derived from ECMA 262 (JavaScript), unlike Lua (most commonly ported programming language on embeddded system), it offers better syntax and scalability through 3rd party framework integration, it employs several features that most of the current embedded platform still unable to support such as dynamic object, lambda expression and object/array management for manipulating user data.
Orb-Script designed to run on constrained device such as smart card which typically have less than 1 kilobytes of user memory space, therefore it uses context oriented programming that significantly reduce memory footprints compared with object oriented programming while maintaning it advantage over conventional structural language.
Orb-Script is the default Organ Development Kit (ODK) programming language, it can be used to develop application for any Orb-Weaver devices.


OrbLeaf Toolkit (OTK)

Retarget into different type of devices seamlessly

OrbLeaf Toolkit is a set of framework written in Orb-Script language, integrated within Organ Development Kit (ODK) as online repository, the purpose of OTK is to provide a common APIs for any Orb-Weaver enabled devices, this kind of mechanism allowing an application to be re-targeted to different kind of devices with no need to port the sourcecode.

Leaf Operating System

Fully graphical operating system for constrained device

Leaf is highly versatile multi-tasking operating system designed to run on constrainted resources, it provides mechanism to execute both Orb-Weaver application and native application within the same environment. several features of Leaf such as pre-emptive scheduler (multi-tasking), exception handler, user interface, power and network management. Cardinal series terminal uses Leaf as it's operating system.

  • pre-emptive multi-tasking
  • native exception handler
  • user interface APIs (label, image, button, listbox, textbox, combobox, etc)
  • integrated power management (battery auto-shutdown, battery indicator, etc)
  • connectivity APIs (http, https, ssl/tls, smtp, iso8583, coap)
  • bundled image codec (png, jpeg), automatically supported through UI APIs
  • stack based windows management, user oriented application execution
  • integrated Orb-Weaver virtual machine and APIs wrapper
  • advanced abstraction layer, highly portable targeting ARM Cortex-M microprocessor
  • native application execution

Orb-Weaver Card OS

Putting programming to things

Orb-Weaver Card Operating System is a revolutioner Card OS (COS), embedded within Orb-Weaver Card. it uses ETSI 102.223 mechanism to provide mechanism to control transaction protocol between card and terminal, it provides integrated Orb-Weaver virtual machine for executing user application written in Orb-Script language, shifting the paradigm of smart card programming from slave device to active device is possible with this concept.

  • 100KB flash memory usage (24K for Orb-Weaver virtual machine)
  • 3K minimum RAM (shared with user application, up to 1.3K user heap, depending on paging size and chip optimization)
  • integrated Orb-Weaver virtual machine (garbage collector and exception handler)
  • support full implementation of Orb-Weaver core APIs
  • added implementation of Orb-Weaver Card APIs (specialized APIs, don't access this directly), use OTK to access these APIs for seamless portability
  • based on ETSI 102.223 and Global Platform v2.2
  • integrated ISO7816-4 file system and security
  • advanced bootstrapped flash memory allocator
  • integrated security through OrbLeaf's proprietary algorithm
  • support banked addressing mode for chip such as 8051/80X51 (commonly used smart card core)


global platform