High Quality Dried Cottonii Seaweed

Eucheuma Cottonii is a type of Red Algae (Macro-Algae, Rhodophyta) and one of primary source of Carrageenan, there are two variants of Eucheuma Cottonii, Tambalang variant (K. Alvarezii) with Ψ (Psi) shaped, dichotomous or unilateral branches and Sacol variant (K. Striatum) with Y shaped branches and cauli-flower like shape, both has cylindrical thallus and either pointed or dull edges.

The amount percentage of carrageenan extract is affected by the age of the seaweed, depth of cultivation, season and temperature but not correlated by the variant. The variants affecting chelating activity of the seaweed, with Sacol variant (K. Striatum) offer better chelating activity on average compared with Tambalang variant (K. Alvarezii), chelating activity is the ability to bonds with metal elements, the effect of chelating is good for human health because it increase anti-oxidant capability of seaweed to absorb metal if it consumated, but it's bad from farming perspective because it's makes seaweed more prone to metal contamination.

We Provides High Quality Indonesia Seaweed Such as Cottonii, Gracilaria and Spinosum

Indonesia is the largest producer of seaweeds worldwide, Indonesia has 54720km length coastline (the third longest worldwide) and around 13700 islands, it is also located between Pacific and Indian ocean and receive full sun light daily making it suitable for farming seaweeds

Our company has the advantage from geographical position, combined with our knowledge about seaweeds market, product, regulation, safety prochedure, we can make sure you will only get top of the line products

Carrageenan is a type of polysaccharides, a Sulfated Polysaccharides because it contain Sulfur Trioxide (SO3). There are many types of Carrageenan depending on the molecular structure between Sulfur Trioxides and Polymeric Monosaccharides such as Kappa Carrageenan, Iota Carrageenan and Lambda Carrageenan.

  • 1. Kappa Carrageenan forms strong, rigid gels in the presence of potassium ions, and reacts with dairy proteins. It is sourced mainly from Eucheuma Cottonii.
  • 2. Iota Carrageenan forms soft gels in the presence of calcium ions. It is produced mainly from Eucheuma Spinosum.
  • 3. Lambda Carrageenan does not gel, and is used to thicken dairy products.

Eucheuma Cottonii is difficult to cultivate and requires more care and more skill. It is a seaweed that is very sensitive to infestation by algal parasites and to water temperatures above 31-32 °C. The most common farming method for Eucheuma Cottonii is Off-Bottom method and Long-Lines method, both method depending on the area.

Off-Bottom Method, The general approach is to suspend a series of lines of 10m in length between two posts, which are usually made of wood or bamboo. This technique is best suited for lagoons, where there is relatively shallow water at low tideand for small-scale initiatives. Balinese Eucheuma Cottonii commonly uses Off-Bottom method, by placing the seaweed 30cm above sea floor using rope and stakes as support

Long-Lines Method, This technique involves the use of line of up to 50m to 100m in length, anchored at each end and with buoyance in form of empty plastic bottle, attached every 10m or so to support the line This technique is usually employed in water of between 4 and 10m and farmers therefore require access to some sort of boat to access the plots. However, as a result of the necessity of a boat the farmers can access the plots at all times, except for during bad weather, Ecuheuma Cottonii from Sulawesi usually use Long-Lines technique.

Eucheuma Cottonii usually are dried on top of Terpaulin, Bamboo Bed or Hanged, the best way to dry Eucheuma Cottonii is washing it with lime-water (Calcium Hydroxide, CaOH2 at 5% concentration) first before washing it again with normal water, this will remove contaminant on the surface of the seaweeds. During drying process the seaweed will release some of it's mucus and change it's color to white.

There are many application for seaweeds based products such as Carrageenan E407 which is a compounds derived from Eucheuma Cottonii or Eucheuma Spinosum or combination of both, Semi-Refined Carrageenan (E407a) in form of dried seaweed either Dried Eucheuma Cottonii or Dried Eucheuma Spinosum, application of Carrageenan are ranging from Meat Binder, Food Stabilizer, Cocoa Suspension or Cosmetic.

Unlike Eucheuma Cottonii or Eucheuma Spinosum, Gracilaria Sp are usually extracted for it's polysaccharide, pollysacharide is long chain of polymeric carbohydrate which is used to create Agar (E406), Agar mostly used for manufacturing Jelly or Yoghurt.

Dried Cottonii Seaweed Specification

In order to achive safety and compliance with regulatory body, our Dried Eucheuma Cottonii products are strictly follows European Commission (EC231:2012) guidelines

Arsenic (As)mg/Kg0.42<1<3<3
Cadmium (Cd)mg/Kg0.78<0.1**<2<0.5**
Mercury (Hg)mg/Kg0.0002<0.5<1<0.1
Tin (Sn)mg/Kg0.00776<40 <5
Lead (Pb)mg/Kg0.0134<0.3<5<5

* based on E407a specification
** we're still improving this parameter as part of ISO22000 SOP
CAW, Clean Anhydrous Weed test based on SNI8168:2015
Sensory/Organoleptic test based on SNI2346:2011

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Palugada Mitra Sentosa or PMS is a seaweed trading company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We specialised in dried seaweeds commodity native to Indonesia's biodiversity such as Eucheuma Cottonii, Eucheuma Spinosum and Gracilaria Sp for macro-algae products.

We wanted to grow an everlasting relationship with our clients either from our suppliers and our customers, hence the name "Mitra Sentosa" (Prosperous Client), we believe that a business cannot success without a good relationship from both sides, feel free to consult with us, so we can learn more from you and understanding your needs

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