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You're looking for seaweed supplier, you have a deal with the supplier for set of moisture and impurities, you bought the seaweeds, on the first shipment it quality are matched with what you both agreed to, then after several shipments it product consistency degraded overtime, making you ended up looking for another supplier

Here's What We Do

Last Minute Checking, before shipment we check the quality of the seaweed such as moisture and impurities on-site, we will inform them to you through photo, video even if the specification already matched. if you think the product didn't matched with what we both agreed to, then we could cancel the shipment.

Personalized Shipment

Because every customer has different level of tolerance, on successful shipment, we will use the information for the next shipment, and if you have a change in specification, you can inform them to us early on

Why Does This Matter

We always make sure that our product able to meet customer guideline, last-minute checking is one way to achieve that, also we don't want you to ended up with low quality product as it will tarnish our brand and relationship.

About Us

I think You'll agree with Me when I say

Finding a good quality seaweed is easy, but finding a good supplier is hard

Or is it?

In order to find a good supplier, the supplier must have understanding of seaweed from chemical and biological perspective and maintain a consistent shipments

A good supplier will open themselves to the customer and give an advices on the products whether or not they're able to comply with customer specification, and not just accepting orders

Our mission emphasize on providing customers with these kind of resources and technical expertise about our dried seaweed products and willing to go extra-mile just to make sure our shipment follows customer specification

Core Values

Our company consists of three core values, Innovation, Integrity and Sustainability. Innovation drive us to seek, support and implement our products for new kind of segment or market, Integrity meaning being committed, honest and stay consistent with the quality of works, Sustainability can be achieved by building a long lasting relationship with customers and suppliers based on trust and integrity. By having these core values we can ensure each of our employees, from top leadership to entry-level, are working towards the same common goal, and share a bigger purpose.

Seaweed Farming

The most commonly employed methods of seaweed farming are Off-Bottom method and Long-Lines method, for Off-Bottom method seaweeds are tied to a rope supported by stakes at height about 30cm above sea floor, this method only used in shallow water. Long-Lines method uses long rope (between 50 to 100m) tied to an anchor and supported by several buoys, usually an empty plastic bottle, long lines method keep seaweed at floating around sea surface so that it can continously receive direct sunlights.

A new farming method also been introduced such as Floating Cage which keep seaweeds afloat below sea surface with a help of special cage made of plastic pipe protected with nets, to keep the seaweed from being eaten by harmful organism such as fish.

seaweed farmingfloating raft method
seaweed farming floating raft method

It takes between 45 to 60 days for seaweed before it can be harvested, farmer can add fertilizer if needed to stimulate the growth of seaweed, after harvested seaweed can be sell directly or dried for higher price.

Seaweed Farm In Indonesia?

take a look at our seaweed heatmap to learn which Indonesia's area seaweed farms are located

Seaweed Drying

Drying seaweeds usually takes around 2-3 days depending on the intensity of the sunlights, type of seaweeds and moisture requirement. There are several drying methods commonly employed for drying seaweeds, these methods are Direct Ground, Tarpaulin, Para-para Bed and Hanged.

  • Direct ground, seaweeds are dried on top of the ground without any base, we avoid this kind of drying process because it introduce more impurities to our products
  • Tarpaulin, seaweeds are put on top of tarpaulin, allows heat to be distributed evenly, this is the most commonly uses method for seaweed drying (and other type of commodities such as dried cloves)
  • Para-para Bed, seaweeds are placed on top of net supported by bamboo structure, this method allows water and seaweed secretion to drip to the ground
  • Hanged, seaweeds are hanged to a wire (without touching the ground), this considered the best method recommended by SNI2690:2015, it reduces impurities and speed up drying process


There are many application for seaweeds based products such as Carrageenan E407 which is a compounds derived from Eucheuma Cottonii or Eucheuma Spinosum or combination of both, Semi-Refined Carrageenan (E407a) in form of dried seaweed either Dried Eucheuma Cottonii or Dried Eucheuma Spinosum, application of Carrageenan are ranging from Meat Binder, Food Stabilizer, Cocoa Suspension or Cosmetic.

Unlike Eucheuma Cottonii or Eucheuma Spinosum, Gracilaria Sp are usually extracted for it's polysaccharides, pollysacharides is long chain of polymeric carbohydrates which is used to create Agar (E406), Agar mostly used for manufacturing Jelly or Yoghurt. Because of the nature of seaweeds which is source of polysaccharides, seaweeds can be bio-converted into bio-ethanol through hydrolisis process by converting those polysaccharides into fermentable sugars.

Another application for seaweed based products are for cattle feed, seaweeds are being used as cattle feeds which is the largest contribution of methane gases, seaweed based cattle feed could cut cattle methane emission up to 80%. Another use of seaweed is for bio-plastic, which uses polysaccharides as natural biopolymers, bio-plastic only accounts for 0.2% for global polymer markets but it keeps increasing at steady pace at 16.2% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and will reach 19.93 billion by 2026.

Dried Spinosum Seaweed

Dried Spinosum Seaweed (Eucheuma Spinosum) is a primary source of Iota Carrageenans (around 65.75%), it has some similarities with Cottonii Tambalang variant but with thinner branches compared with Cottonii and pointed edges

SourcingBali, Sulawesi
DryingPara-para Bed, Hanged
Moisture Content37.76%
Sensory Test8
Impurities< 0.3%

Dried Gracilaria Seaweed

Dried Gracilaria Seaweed (Gracilaria Sp) is the primary source of polysaccharides, it has long (between 20 to 30cm), thin (between 0.5-1.5mm), dense, and lateral branches, it usually has green-yellowish color, it is cultivated inside pond with salinity between 10 to 30ppt

SourcingEast Java
DryingTarpaulin, Para-para Bed
Moisture Content15.14%
Sensory Test8

Dried Cottonii Sacol Seaweed

Dried Cottonii Sacol Seaweed (K. Striatum, Sacol variant) is a natural source of Kappa Carrageenans (90%), Sacol has a thick Y shaped branches, cylindrical/flat thallus and rigid structure

SourcingBali, Nusa Tenggara
DryingPara-para Bed
Moisture Content35.17%
Sensory Test8

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Our Motivation

Palugada Mitra Sentosa or PMS is a seaweed trading company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We specialised in dried seaweeds commodity native to Indonesia's biodiversity such as Eucheuma Cottonii, Eucheuma Spinosum and Gracilaria Sp for macro-algae products

We wanted to grow an everlasting relationship with our clients either from our suppliers and our customers, hence the name Mitra Sentosa or Prosperous Client, we believe that a business cannot success without a good relationship from both sides, feel free to consult with us, so we can learn more from you and understanding your needs

Agus Purwanto

Chief Marketing Officer

I previously worked at multinational company, implementing ISO standards for smart card technology, i like teaching people about computer stuffs, you can find my youtube channel below, mostly about stock trading based on quantitative analysis, feel free to add my linkedin account

Tony Mukti

Chief Executive Officer

I used to worked in clove business, managing people, familiar with export prochedure, here i handle the supply chain, not quite active on social media but you can add my linkedin account

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